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Items Included:

  • MEDIUM Green Day American Idiot shirt
  • MEDIUM Green Day Rolling Stone magazine Cover shirt
  • The Story of Green Day by Doug Small - 104 pages of Green Day including full color photos
  • Nobody Likes You by Marc Spitz - “Inside the Turbulent Life, Times, and Music of Green Day”
  • A thick Awesome As Fuck wristband
  • A Warning Pin
  • Two stickers, including an American Idiot and a 21st Century Breakdown one
  • American Idiot shoelaces
  • Absolute Green Day- an unauthorized interview CD of the band
  • Green Day X-Posed- another unauthorized interview CD with a mini-poster
  • Maximum Green Day- yet another unauthorized interview CD with yet another mini-poster

Both of the shirts have been worn by me, but they don’t have any holes or stains. The books have been read by me so don’t mind the slight usage (the covers are kind of bent). All of the CDs work great. 


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Giveaway ends September 1st, so get going!


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Tre Cool: This is a place of worship! A place of rock!
Mike Dirnt: What kind of place is this?
Tre: This is a holy place!
Mike: Why are there no clouds in the sky?
Tre: Because God wants to watch his favorite band again!


as if i never put this on here lmao


as if i never put this on here lmao

Fav from UNO so far!

Stay The Night Live at the Echoplex 8/6/12

Stop Drop and Roll.mp3
Foxboro Hot Tubs
Stop Drop And Roll!!!


Foxboro Hot Tubs - Stop Drop and Roll

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Kill The DJ (instumental)